Hotel Oxford Bend
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Sustainable Hotel Design

The OXFORD hotel's commitment to preserving and protecting the environment is visible throughout the hotel. Most notably, the hotel runs on 100% renewable energy and uses compact fluorescent bulbs throughout the space. Additionally, our hotel is equipped with energy-efficient heating, cooling, and mechanical systems, which allow us to use less energy. Recycled and sustainable materials, including our recycled glass vanities, are used throughout our hotel.

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Eco-Friendly Guest Suites

Environmentally friendly practices extend to our guest suites as well. Every suite features a natural mattress, which is soft, hypoallergenic, and good for the environment. Organic amenities come from local resources and use refillable bottles to cut down on waste. We use non-chemical-based cleaning products and encourage our guests to participate in our in-room recycling program. Guests driving electric cars can take advantage of our three convenient charging stations.

Additional Eco-Friendly Amenities

  • Energy Star Appliances throughout the Hotel
  • Reusable Conference Room Pads & Recycled Pens
  • Recycled or Sustainable Materials throughout the Building, such as our custom recycled glass vanities
  • Three Electric Charging Stations for Telsa Automobiles
  • Structural Steel Made from 95% Recycled Materials